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GVE and real estate experts warn that commercial foreclosures will follow the residential trend, which will leave many property owners without a safe, comprehensive and easy solution to their financial situation.  The same procedures and tactics that have benefitted residential homeowners is also available for commercial property owners.


GVE's goals are to provide alternatives to foreclosure for our Clientele. We feel it is important to have an educated consumer, therefore our site is designed to not only offer our services, but to keep people informed of the latest changes within the Loss Mitigation and Loan Modification Industry.


GVE has a unique system designed to efficiently coordinate a successful modification to your current loan. Our team of professionals are here to serve YOUR needs and our primary



GVE's staff is well-versed in the latest Federal and State rules regarding foreclosure policies, along with the various criteria for successful modifications of most banks. We are able to stay within both the established and the evolving guidelines to find the best possible answer to your personal needs with regard to your present mortgage. Few lay people understand how loan modifications work and how to go about resolving their mortgage difficulties. We discourage bankruptcy and will try every available avenue to resolve your present mortgage problems.


One of the most recent positive changes is how a lender or loan servicer views loan modifications. Until the advent of the foreclosure crisis, it was extremely challenging to break through the barriers. Although it is much easier than it has been in the past, it is still remains critical that a package be structured correctly from the beginning. Unfortunately many people unknowingly submit their own packages only to find they don't even get looked at. We are here to make absolutely sure that does not happen! In the majority of cases, we know what will be accepted and what will not. If you do not have a situation where we feel strongly that we can help you, GVE will NOT take your hard-earned money, and we will NOT waste your valuable time. We only take cases where we are very confident that we can negotiate an acceptable program for you.


GVE sets a higher standard in the Loan Modification industry. Our veteran In-House Counsel

guides our services which gives us greater success than cottage loan modification

companies. We want to be sure you are given ALL your options, including a stay of

foreclosure if that should become necessary.


We are here to serve you, our valued client, and we look forward to helping you to achieve

your dream of staying in your property.